Join us at MesosCon North America

MesosCon North America takes place this year September 13-15, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA.

The annual conference is organized by the Apache Mesos community in partnership with The Linux Foundation. The event brings together users and developers of the Mesos open source orchestration framework to share and learn about the project and its growing ecosystem. This year’s conference features 35 sessions over two days, workshops, keynote speakers from industry leaders, sessions led by adopters and contributors, and a hackathon.

This year’s session highlights include:

  • Hear how Yelp runs on Mesos in AWS Spot Fleet
  • Practical Container Scheduling: Juggling optimization, guarantees, and trade-offs at Netflix
  • How Uber designed and implemented running distributed TensorFlow on top of Mesos clusters with hundreds of GPUs to power self-driving cars
  • An introduction to Multi-tenancy in Mesos from IBM
  • Real time event processing and handling stateful applications on Mesos GE Digital
  • Overview of the DC/OS SDK for building stateful applications
  • How Verizon built fault tolerant frameworks without Docker containers