Free sticker packs for service example updates!

Contribute to the DC/OS ecosystem, learn about DC/OS 1.10, and receive a limited edition “contributor” sticker!
Contribute to the DC/OS ecosystem, learn about DC/OS 1.10, and receive a limited edition “contributor” sticker!

Back in March community members from around the world heeded the call to update the package examples for 1.9. Now that 1.10 is out we need your help again! This time we’re giving out custom, limited edition “contributor” stickers as thank-you’s.

Claim an example

Pick any open and unassigned issue in the list of examples to update. Mark it Accepted and comment on the task with your best contact info. If you don’t already have a JIRA account you’ll need to create one with either Google or GitHub SSO.

Jörg Schad will then assign your example to an OSS team shepherd (Matt Jarvis, Elizabeth K. Joseph, or himself).

Update the example

Find your example in the GitHub repo and do the following:

  1. Fork of the examples repo on GitHub.
  2. Make a copy of the 1.9 example directory and name it 1.10.
  3. Test the example on a DC/OS 1.10 cluster and as you test, replace the old screen shots with new ones and make any necessary corrections to the example.
  4. Add a link to your newly created 1.10 example to the file for your example’s directory.
  5. Report your results:
    1. If the example works out of the box, or you are able to correct it, open a PR to add your new 1.10 example (including the example itself and its addition to the file) and add it to your JIRA task.
    2. If you can’t get your example to work, add a detailed description of what went wrong on the JIRA task.

Tell us where to send your thank-you!

When you’re done, email with the following information:

Subject: 1.10 Example Testing – [Service Name]


  • Your name
  • JIRA task link
  • Your Twitter handle if you have one
  • Community Slack handle if you have one
  • Mailing address (we’ll be sending you a little bit of swag)
  • Phone number (we might need this to send your swag, especially if you are outside of the US)

The OSS team shepherd will review your PR and either work with you to make modifications, or just merge it if it looks good.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions! You can find us on Slack in the #community channel, or email us at As always, we’re here to help. Happy updating!