Watch Matt Trifiro explain the difference between Mesos and Mesosphere

As part of its recent DCOS Days event, Dutch consulting firm Container Solutions interviewed Mesosphere SVP of Marketing Matt Trifiro. If you’re reading this and unfamiliar with Apache Mesos, Mesosphere or the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System, the interview is a must-watch to learn how everything is connected in the modern datacenter and cloud — from individual containers to modern software stacks.

Matt also addresses a few important misconceptions around Mesosphere’s technology and IT, in general. He explains, for example, that:

  • It is possible to simultaneously build for scale, developer productivity and to ship a minimum viable product.
  • Mesosphere’s DCOS is “Mesos for mere mortals.” Whereas it took Airbnb weeks to stand up Cassandra on Mesos, the DCOS lets users stand up Cassandra clusters in seconds.
  • The future is not about replacing operations, but rather letting them focus on important things such as security, network efficiency, and empowering developers and data scientists to move more quickly.

Watch the full interview below to see him talk about these topics in more detail.