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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a popular project for container orchestration backed by Google to enable application developers to deploy, scale and manage Docker containers. Kubernetes is open sourced under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Complete Container Lifecycle

Deploy and manage Docker containers with complete control over the entire application lifecycle.

Developer friendly

Empower developers with powerful, easy to use, (API and CLI) interfaces

Vibrant Community

Kubernetes has one of the largest and most active open source communities in the world

“In bringing Kubernetes to DC/OS, Mesosphere provides customers with a robust platform for building, deploying, and operating data-rich, containerized applications in your data center and on public clouds.”

Allan Naim, Product Manager - Kubernetes and Google Container Engine.

Mesosphere DC/OS makes it easy to adopt and operate 100% pure Kubernetes

Automate Kubernetes Operations

Simplify the operator’s experience and accelerate Kubernetes initiatives on any cloud.

  • One-click install & upgrades
  • Highly available & secure by default
  • Built-in monitoring & metrics
  • Load balancing, overlay and ingress integration
Kubernetes in its Purest Form

Maximize developer productivity and integrate with existing community tools and resources.

  • Run community tools and examples
  • Full stack support for Kubernetes and DC/OS
  • No proprietary CLI or APIs
  • Quickly migrate to the latest stable upstream release
Containers and Data Services, United

Dramatically cut costs by running all your data services and containers on shared resources.

  • Run Kubernetes alongside other data services and traditional apps on the same cluster
  • Run multiple isolated Kubernetes clusters on shared infrastructure