Turbocharge Your Cloud.

Scale Infinitely

Grow from a few nodes to tens of thousands of nodes effortlessly while dynamically allocating resources with ease.

Run Anywhere

Built on top of open source technology, Mesosphere DC/OS lets you run in any cloud or datacenter, maintaining your flexibility.

Never Fail

Mesosphere keeps your apps running by rebalancing resources and restarting failed tasks automatically.

Optimize Resources

Mesosphere DC/OS packs each server with multiple applications, increasing resource utilization across your datacenter.

Operate Automatically

Mesosphere DC/OS brings high-degrees of automation to managing your cluster, saving your operation time and money.

Develop Quickly

Developers can build and deploy faster with Mesosphere DC/OS because they can think about code, not servers.

Azure Container Service

In addition to running Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise Edition on Azure, you can also benefit from Mesosphere and Microsoft’s partnership on the Azure Container Service (ACS) —a fully managed cloud service that incorporates some of the best components of the Mesosphere DC/OS, including Marathon.

Built With Today's Applications In Mind

Mesosphere designed the DC/OS to deliver what today's applications — and developers — require in terms of usability, scalability and flexibility.

Throw Away Your Pager

Automatic failover means workloads running on DC/OS keep running even when servers have crashed.

Deploy Apps Your Way

DC/OS supports Docker containers, JAR files, tarballs and more. You can even build your own PaaS on top of it.

Work with a 21st Century UI

Powerful Command Line

The DC/OS command line lets users install complex systems like HDFS with one four-word command.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The DC/OS dashboard lets admins easily visualize datacenter utilization and troubleshoot problems.