Turbocharge Your Cloud.

Scale Infinitely

Grow from a few nodes to tens of thousands of nodes effortlessly while dynamically allocating resources with ease.

Run Anywhere

Built on top of open source technology, Mesosphere DC/OS lets you run in any cloud or datacenter, maintaining your flexibility.

Never Fail

Mesosphere keeps your apps running by rebalancing resources and restarting failed tasks automatically.

Optimize Resources

Mesosphere DC/OS packs each server with multiple applications, increasing resource utilization across your datacenter.

Operate Automatically

Mesosphere DC/OS brings high-degrees of automation to managing your cluster, saving your operation time and money.

Develop Quickly

Developers can build and deploy faster with Mesosphere DC/OS because they can think about code, not servers.

Mesosphere DC/OS on Azure

Create a true hybrid cloud model to meet the demands of business while improving economic efficiency in the datacenter. DC/OS provides a consistent operating experience across any cloud and allows for the easy migration of applications and data services to or from any on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

Built With Today's Applications In Mind

Mesosphere designed the DC/OS to deliver what today's applications — and developers — require in terms of usability, scalability and flexibility.

Throw Away Your Pager

Automatic failover means workloads running on DC/OS keep running even when servers have crashed.

Deploy Apps Your Way

DC/OS supports Docker containers, JAR files, tarballs and more. You can even build your own PaaS on top of it.

Work with a 21st Century UI

Powerful Command Line

The DC/OS command line lets users install complex systems like HDFS with one four-word command.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The DC/OS dashboard lets admins easily visualize datacenter utilization and troubleshoot problems.