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One Platform, All Workloads

Run stateless and stateful workloads such as containers and big data, all on a single platform.

Distributed App Ecosystem

Easily deploy and operate complex datacenter services such as Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and more from our partner ecosystem.

Production Proven Open Core

Built on Apache Mesos and DC/OS, combining years of large-scale production experience and best practices.

Enterprise Capabilities

Advanced operational features such as monitoring, security, compliance, and support.

Features & Capabilities

Stateful & Stateless workloads

Use a single infrastructure for all your stateful and stateless apps and get a unified operational experience and efficient resource utilization.

Built-In Container Orchestration

Deploy Docker and Mesos containers with Marathon, the production proven container orchestrator.

Application Ecosystem

Deploy, operate and upgrade complex distributed services such as Spark, Kafka and Cassandra with a single command.

Quick to Production

Roll out a production-ready DC/OS and datacenter services in minutes and confidently operate at scale using advanced monitoring & troubleshooting tools.

Self Healing Infrastructure

Easily maintain uptime with high availability, automatic failure detection & recovery, and non-disruptive upgrades.

Security and Compliance

Integrate with Active Directory or LDAP for authentication & authorization and provide role-based access control and user auditing.

Multi-Team Support

Share the same infrastructure across multiple teams while maintaining complete workload and access isolation.

On-Premise & Cloud

Bare-metal, virtual, cloud or hybrid — DC/OS runs on it all — the only requirement is a modern Linux distro; Windows support coming soon.

Production Support

Get 24/7 top notch support from Mesosphere & core Mesos committers.

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS is the best and fastest way to run modern apps in your infrastructure.

One Click Install

Easily roll out new datacenter services, from our strong and growing ecosystem.

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS

Complement Mesos with enterprise capabilities such as security, monitoring, user interface, etc.

Apache Mesos

Easily run and scale with a production proven distributed systems kernel.

Works Everywhere

Run DC/OS on any Infrastructure, and standardize your operational and application development experience everywhere.

Powerful Services, One Click Away

Easily deploy and operate datacenter-scale services, built by Mesosphere and a rapidly growing ecosystem of partners and open source contributors.