Learn the best practices and benefits of running Portworx PX-Enterprise on Mesosphere DC/OS.

Thanks to Docker, enterprises have adopted container technology at an explosive rate. Containers provide a process runtime and application packaging format which drive concrete benefits for speed-to-launch, density, and portability.

What’s more, it’s a combination of containers and microservices yield the biggest benefits. This explains why enterprises, often conservative when it comes to technologies that require large-scale platform refactoring, are leading the charge to adopt containers, with well-known companies such as GE and Capital One publicly discussing their move to container-based architectures.

In this informative webinar, you will learn:

  • How Portworx and Mesosphere enable customers to deploy data-intensive applications quickly and easily
  • Real-world best practices for deploying PX-Enterprise on DC/OS
  • How Portworx Lighthouse’s intuitive GUI helps manage PX-Enterprise
  • How to integrate PX-Enterprise as a DC/OS service