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Watch this webinar to learn how Mesosphere DC/OS quickly deploys Cassandra containers in a multi-tenant, bare-metal Diamanti environment.

Containers are the biggest disruption for developers and IT operators since virtualization and are becoming the new norm for modern applications. But container implementation, especially for stateful, performance-critical applications, require high costs and developer/operator coordination.

Linux containers give Cassandra direct access to bare-metal compute resources and support multiple instances on the same infrastructure. In this webinar, Keith Chambers, product manager at Mesosphere; Gopal Sharma, CTO of Diamanti; and Mark Walsh, head of product and marketing for Diamanti, discuss how Mesosphere DC/OS quickly deploys Cassandra containers in a multi-tenant, bare-metal Diamanti environment, saving developers and enterprises vital time and resources. Topics covered in the webinar include:

  1. How to easily manage container clusters
  2. How to provide persistent storage with guaranteed performance
  3. How to interconnect containers with existing networks and ensure network interoperability

The webinar also includes a demonstration of Mesosphere DC/OS and Diamanti creating a real-time data pipeline in seconds that scales quickly to support large data sets.