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The explosion of mobile devices, data, and sensors everywhere has enabled the potential for realtime apps for just about everything—paying for products or services, getting directions, banking, healthcare. People expect to be able to tap into the ever-increasing data fowing around us and get precisely what they want and when they want it. Or better yet, before they even know they need it.

While some organizations are moving fast, disrupting their competitors and capitalizing on new opportunities by building personalized, predictive, and real-time applications, others are scrambling to keep up and meet user’s expectations. Getting it wrong has terrible consequences for businesses in every industry, but they all face the same challenges in handling the complexity and scale of this new generation of applications:

  • They need to ingest, store, and derive insights from vast amounts of complex data in real time.
  • They need to be able to quickly respond and adapt to dynamic markets and changing customer demands.
  • They need to find more efficient and flexible ways to build and deploy their apps.
  • They also have to ensure requirements for security, service quality, and uptime are met.

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