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Webinar: Digital Transformation in the Enterprise presented by 451 Research

Today’s enterprises need to engage customers in real time with personalized services. From credit card fraud detection to connected home devices, businesses need to keep up with demand — or they’ll face the risk of disruption. In trying to build for the always-connected economy, enterprises are leveraging cloud based technologies such as cloud computing, big data, DevOps, containers, microservices and more.

Listen to Jay Lyman, principal analyst at 451 Research, and Edward Hsu, VP of product marketing at Mesosphere, as they explore how enterprises are viewing digital transformation and how they are building IT to serve the always-connected customer. With market research on enterprise digital transformation, including common objectives and challenges, and an overview of the software and strategy that can assist enterprises in successfully achieving digital transformation, this webinar offers important strategies for the enterprise looking to stay ahead of the curve.