The travel and leisure industry has an opportunity to grow its business if it can successfully navigate changing consumer expectations and technology trends. Family income is on the rise for the first time since 2007, which means consumers are likely to spend disposable income on travel and leisure. However, non-travel companies have raised the bar in consumer expectations, which introduces demanding challenges for the industry.

Consumers today expect a seamless, personalized experience with nearly instant gratification. Mainstream travel and leisure brands, however, don’t have access to large quantities of data that brands like Amazon are able to amass. The average consumer travels for leisure once or twice a year, and they are increasingly less likely to make decisions based on points and miles. Given this, travel and leisure brands need to be precise in their data analytics and flawless in their execution across all channels, online and offline. To make an omnichannel experience possible, brands need to provide global services while meeting with data locality needs. This service is ideally built on an open platform that runs on any infrastructure for greatest flexibility.

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