Elastic Jenkins with DC/OS

The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is a distributed operating system built upon Apache Mesos that provides tools and services to make it incredibly easy to install and deploy Jenkins instances on the fly that are backed by a Mesos cluster. In this presentation, we'll introduce Apache Mesos, discuss how Jenkins integrates with Mesos and demonstrate how easy it is to bring up multiple Jenkins instances on DC/OS.

Running Jenkins for many developers at scale is a difficult and potentially expensive proposition. Statically partitioning your datacenter makes it hard to grow and shrink your Jenkins cluster as the number of waiting builds changes, which means you either have resources lying idle or builds waiting for resources much of the time.

By using Jenkins with the Mesos plugin, you can use the resource abstraction offered by Apache Mesos to easily share resources between Jenkins and other services running on a cluster of machines. This also allows you to run multiple discrete Jenkins instances that use the same resources, offering your developers a model like eBay’s where each developer gets their own instance of Jenkins.