Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about new technologies simplifying the configuration and automation of interdependent applications across clusters of physical hardware, virtual machines, and public clouds
  • Discover the most common uses cases served by these new technologies including enterprise application architecture requirements
  • Explore how to more easily manage clusters, install and configure additional services in minutes with a few clicks
  • Learn how to run these technologies in production—from scaling, deployment, and security to monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Finally, design and write applications, manage persistent state, use service discovery and load balancing

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Innovators such as Twitter, Uber, and Netflix are at the forefront of building data-rich, modern applications; delivering personalized, real-time experiences for their customers. Now companies of all shapes and sizes in industries including telecom, financial services, healthcare, retail, and many more need to respond or face risk of disruption.

However, building these types of applications is a complex and time consuming process. It also requires adopting a host of new technologies — including Docker containers, microservices, big data, and machine learning — while also integrating processes like continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), site reliability engineering (SRE), and Agile development methods. With such drastic change required, how can you ensure your success?

Explore how new technologies including Mesosphere DC/OS, powered by Apache Mesos, provide easy-to-use platforms that underpin your data-rich, microservices based applications while allowing application developers and operators to easily build, deploy, and elastically scale Docker containers and data services in production. These new platforms deliver a public cloud-like experience on any infrastructure you choose (on-prem, cloud, and/or hybrid); with developer-friendly container orchestration, single-click deployment & management of big data services, and operations tools that help ensure security, performance, and scale.

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