With DC/OS and Gitlab, enterprises can build CI/CD infrastructure across any infrastructure, public or private.

Seven years ago, Apache Mesos was born as a platform to bring the distributed computing capabilities that powered the largest digital companies to the masses. Today, Mesosphere DC/OS technologies power more containers in production than any other software stack in the world, and has emerged as the premier platform for building and elastically scaling data-rich, modern applications.

GitLab is an end-to-end software development and delivery platform with built-in CI/CD, monitoring, and performance metrics. With a unified experience for every step of the development lifecycle and seamless integration with container schedulers, GitLab provides the most efficient approach to reduce cycle time, increase velocity, and improve software quality.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • An introduction to Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DC/OS and overview of DC/OS features and capabilities for developing, deploying, and operating containerized applications, microservices and CI/CD
  • An introduction to GitLab
  • How to use DC/OS and GitLab to build a CI/CD solution and go from idea to production
  • Learn how to combine DC/OS and GitLab to easily build a CI/CD infrastructure
  • Learn how to build a complete CI/CD pipeline in minutes

See the slides from the webinar here.