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Simplify Container Management with DC/OS and HPE
A Mesosphere Whitepaper

Simplify Container Management with DC/OS and HPE

To help HPE ProLiant and Cloudline server customers evaluate and test the open-source DC/OS on their systems, this white paper discusses two distinct use cases that show the flexibility and versatility of DC/OS —a data analytics use case and a container orchestration use case.

The document outlines a solution architecture for deploying Apache Spark™, Kafka, Cassandra, and Zeppelin on DC/OS to provide a highly optimized environment for large-scale data processing while allowing for cluster utilization by other workloads like Web Servers or Java applications. We focus on achieving the following key business outcomes via DC/OS implementation on HPE ProLiant and Cloudline servers:

  • Hyperscale efficiency, flexibility, and automation
  • Accelerated time to value for new services
  • Agile infrastructure management
  • Movement, integration, and delivery of applications across multiple environments
  • Quickly gain insights from ubiquitous data