Learn how to manage, deploy, and scale production-grade containers easily with Kubernetes — on any infrastructure.

The Kubernetes cloud native landscape is vast. Delivering a solution requires managing a puzzling array of required tooling, monitoring, disaster recovery, and other solutions that lie outside the realm of the central cluster. The governing body of Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, has developed guidance for organizations interested in this topic by publishing the Cloud Native Landscape, but while a list of options is helpful it does not give operations and DevOps professionals the knowledge they need to execute.

Learn best practices of setting up and managing the tools needed around Kubernetes. Chris Gaun, product marketing manager at Mesosphere and CNCF ambassador, covers the popular open source options (to avoid lock in) and how one can implement and manage these tools on an ongoing basis. Learn from, and do not repeat, the mistakes of previous centralized platforms.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Cloud Native Landscape 101 – Prometheus, Sysdig, NGINX, and more. Where do they all fit in Kubernetes solution?
  • Avoiding the OpenStack sprawl of managing a multiverse of required tooling in the Kubernetes world.
  • Leverage technology like Kubernetes, now available on DC/OS, to provide part of the infrastructure framework that helps manage cloud native application patterns.

Access the slides from the presentation here.