Learn to successfully operate your DC/OS Kubernetes cluster at scale in your environment.

You’ve installed your Kubernetes cluster on DC/OS — now what? Operating Kubernetes efficiently can be challenging. In the final episode of our Kubernetes series, we will share best practices for operating your DC/OS Kubernetes cluster and maintaining performance. During Episode 4 of our Kubernetes series, we show you how to successfully operate Kubernetes at scale in your environment.

During this session, we’ll discuss:

  1. How to upgrade DC/OS and Kubernetes with no downtime
  2. How DC/OS guards against failure and enables fault domains that are resistant to outages within racks, availability zones, or cloud environments
  3. How the monitoring and metrics capabilities on DC/OS improve operational analytics and help you get the most from your cluster
  4. How cloud bursting extends your on-prem environment with resources from the cloud to handle spikes in your workload