View on-demand a demo of the new DC/OS 1.10. Now the most flexible platform for containerized, data-intensive applications.

Note: This presentation discusses the features made available in DC/OS 1.10. For the most recent overview of DC/OS, see our demo of DC/OS 1.11.

With DC/OS 1.10, the leading platform for production container operations gets even better. In this webinar, CTO Tobi Knaup and VP of Product Yrieix Garnier show these features in action:

1. Improved security features, including custom certification authority integration, file based secrets

2. Kubernetes on DC/OS (beta) — 100% pure Kubernetes deployed easily on DC/OS

3. New upgrade capabilities help maintain uptime and simplify disaster recovery with minimal effort.

4. New DC/OS edge load balancer guarantees performance and isolation for applications and services

5. Enhanced Services SDK with new certified production-ready data services, including Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, and more.

View the slides from our live demo here.