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Webinar: Big Data Made Easy With Infinity

Learn how you can leverage Mesosphere Infinity powered by the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) to manage your modern, data-intensive applications efficiently from a server utilization and cost efficiency perspective.

Container systems like Docker make it easy to build and package application binaries, but they are challenging to run at scale in production environments. Companies like Verizon, Twitter, Airbnb, Yelp and Apple have all adopted Apache Mesos as the way to manage this complex orchestration and scheduling of containers at scale. In this session, you will learn how Mesosphere Infinity powered by DCOS helps solve the most common challenges of running production-grade, data-intensive applications, including high-availability, fault-tolerance, and self-healing.

Featured in this video:

  • What Mesosphere Infinity is, and how datacenter services like Spark, Akka, Kafka and Hadoop can be used to create sophisticated apps
  • How to deploy Mesos and the Mesosphere DCOS
  • How to deploy a sample Docker application using a tool called Marathon

You will see code for our sample app, though this session will focus primarily on the operation, not building, of applications. You should have a good understanding of how to run a modern data-intensive application on the Mesosphere DCOS using services like Spark and Kafka, and how a datacenter operator can take advantage of the automation and management tools provided with these systems.