Kubernetes is an amazing technology, but getting it up and running in your data center or VMs is challenging. Mesosphere is excited to deliver Kubernetes on DC/OS 1.10, bringing you point-and-click simplicity for container orchestration on...

Watch this webinar to see a demo of how to install and run Kubernetes in under 10 minutes on DC/OS. We walk you step-by-step through installing and running Kubernetes on Mesosphere DC/OS 1.10, discuss the benefits of container orchestrators, and answer frequently asked questions. Topics include:

1. Live demo showing how to deploy and manage 100% pure Kubernetes distribution on DC/OS
2. How to run multiple Kubernetes clusters (of different versions) alongside each other
3. How to run both stateless and stateful workloads on the same infrastructure
4. Live Q&A

View the slides from our presentation here.