Sky is a global entertainment and communications provider serving more than 22 million households across the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. At a time when traditional viewing habits have been upended by online content providers and “over-the-top” access to content of all kinds, Sky wanted to ensure that its extensive content catalogs, which are localized across European markets, were as visible and accessible as possible to its users as those of its flashiest competitors.

Sky had plenty of data on viewer habits flooding in, and the technology team was eager to supplement their traditional data warehousing and reporting process by rebuilding data ownership at the platform level. In Sky’s case, that meant real-time data analysis tools that promised faster feedback loops, processing, and machine learning with powerful personalization. The big idea: to make better use of all the available data to improve its customer engagement across all its content delivery platforms.

In order for data-driven personalization to become a core component of the Sky technology platform, the data team required strategic buy-in from stakeholders across the business. The engineering team was ahead of the curve but well-positioned to alleviate pain points in business analytics and improve customer retention with real-time personalization. With a plan in place, it was time to evolve beyond historically slow batch reporting and remove the barriers between the people who had the data and the people who could use it to improve customer engagement.

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