The ability to easily access tremendous amounts of computing power has made data the new basis of competition.

To stay competitive, businesses must learn to extract value from data and build modern applications that serve customers with personalized services, in real time, and at scale.

In response to this shift towards real-time streaming, a de facto architecture is emerging to build and operate these fast data applications with a set of leading technologies used within this architecture that are scalable, open source, and enable real-time processing. The resulting set of technologies is often referred to as the “SMACK” stack and includes:

  • Apache Spark for large-scale analytics
  • Apache Mesos for running data services and containers elastically
  • Akka for simplifying development of data-driven apps
  • Apache Cassandra for highly available and scalable storage
  • Apache Kafka for capturing message streams

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The role of each of the components of the SMACK stack, as well as alternative technologies
  • The challenges typically faced when deploying and operating these fast data services
  • Best practices for successful development and deployment

The webinar will also present customer examples and a demo of the SMACK stack.