This webinar covers an introduction to Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DC/OS, as well as an overview of DC/OS features and capabilities for developing, deploying, and operating containerized applications, microservices, and big data platforms.

Note: This presentation discusses the features made available in DC/OS 1.9. For the most recent overview of DC/OS, see our demo of DC/OS 1.11.

Apache Mesos was born as a platform to bring the distributed computing capabilities that powered the largest digital companies to the masses. Today, Mesosphere DC/OS technologies power more containers in production than any other software stack in the world and has emerged as the premier platform for building and elastically scaling data-rich, modern applications across any infrastructure, public or private.

In this webinar, Yrieix Garnier, Mesosphere’s VP of Product Management, discusses what’s new in Mesosphere DC/OS 1.9 and how it can help you easily create and operate the kind of applications that are changing how we live and work every day.

This webinar covers what’s new in Mesosphere DC/OS 1.9, such as:

  • Support for more workloads with pods and GPUs
  • Easier operations and improved application uptime with enhanced metrics, logging, and debugging
  • One-click availability of new data services like Elastic, Alluxio, Cassandra from DataStax, Couchbase Server and Redis
  • New features to meet enterprise-grade requirements for Security and Compliance Auditing