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Webinar: Container Orchestration with Mesosphere DC/OS and JFrog Artifactory

In this webinar, JFrog and Mesosphere highlight how customers can move from building docker containers to securely running them in production. We show how to use JFrog Artifactory as Docker registry for building a reliable CD pipeline capabilities, provision those images to Mesosphere DC/OS for container orchestration in production, leverage JFrog Xray to discover license compliance issues and security vulnerabilities.

JFrog Artifactory is a Universal Artifact Repository that has become the industry standard for managing the binary workflow in any development ecosystem. However, provisioning of the various components in a CI/CD pipeline can be difficult, as it is not automated with modern orchestration nor highly elastic. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS makes it easy to deploy and scale JFrog Artifactory, while running it on the same shared infrastructure as your containers and other components in the ecosystem such as Jenkins CI and your source code repositories.