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Webinar: Fast, On-Demand Analytics with Alluxio and DC/OS

In this webinar, you will discover the advantages of running Alluxio on Mesosphere DC/OS 1.9, including one-click deployment, simple operations, and an elastic infrastructure. Join Neena Pemmaraju, VP of Products and Adit Madan, Software Engineer at Alluxio, and Keith Chambers, Product Manager at Mesosphere, to learn more about Alluxio and DC/OS.

Alluxio enables analytics tools to interact with data stored across a number of different storage systems — creating an high performance, easy and efficient data-sharing environment. Alluxio is the world’s first system that unifies data at memory speed, enables enterprises to run any application, such as Spark, Presto, on top of any storage system(s), such as S3, GCS, ECS, HDFS, Ceph, NFS, at scale on premise and in the cloud.