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Learn how to build edge cloud infrastructure to power personalized, omni-channel customer experiences.

Mainstream consumer brands like Amazon have raised the bar when it comes to the customer experience. Personalized offers based on in-depth customer profiles are now the norm. Travel and leisure companies, like hospitality and tourism brands, are held to the same high standards despite unique challenges in creating traveler profiles. Key to the seamless consumer experience is the ability to access and leverage data at every point of the customer journey—online and offline.

In this webinar, we discuss how a leading cruise line overcame the limitations of its legacy systems by re-imagining their cloud infrastructure with Mesosphere DC/OS and building edge clouds to power seamless consumer experiences on the open seas. Watch Edward Hsu, VP of Product Marketing at Mesosphere, and Eli Tsinovoi, Micro Services & Data Streaming Practice Leader at EY, as they talk about the opportunities in the age of digital transformation, as well as the solutions being used today to create personalized customer experiences in travel and leisure industries.