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Portworx PX provides scheduler integrated data services for containers, such as data persistence, multi-node replication, cloud-agnostic snapshots and data encryption. Portworx itself is deployed as a container and is suitable for both cloud and on-prem deployments. Portworx enables containerized applications to be persistent, portable and protected. For DCOS examples of Portworx, please see

Pre-Install Notes:

NOTE: Portworx requires a key-value database such as etcd for configuring storage. A highly availbale clustered etcd with persistent storage is preferred. You can start a 3-node etcd cluster using this framework, but for production it is recommended to operate an etcd cluster outside of your DC/OS environment. Instructions to set up etcd can be found here:

Lighthouse is a management and GUI service that allows you to manage your Portworx cluster. Lighthouse is disabled by default and can be enabled from the Lighthouse tab during install. Default username/password for Lighthouse is

Certified packages are verified by Mesosphere for interoperability with DC/OS. Community packages are unverified and unreviewed content from the community. This is a community package. Be aware that this particular community package installs and operates as a system process in such a way that the detailed status of that process is not directly visible through DC/OS. Monitoring and managing the PX application should only be performed directly through the PX management utility and not through the DC/OS dashboard. Please visit for detailed instructions.

Post-Install Notes:

To see how Portworx data services integrate with common applications and services, to view the application solutions and to view Portworx reference architectures, please visit

Apache 2.0 License

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