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Version: 2.0


ScyllaDB for DC/OS. To get started, please visit:

Pre-Install Notes:

This DC/OS Service is currently in preview. There may be bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies. *Storage* – By default this package uses mounted volumes for the host as storage. Please configure the path if it anything other than /mnt/scylla. Remember that if no storage alternative is chosen, no data will be persisted outside of the container. We strongly recommend using mounted XFS host disks over local persistent storage. *Security* – Scylla supports both node-to-node and client TLS as well as User/Password authentication and table authorization. To generate keys for Scylla to use, follow this guide: If you use PasswordAuthentication Scylla automatically replicates the `system_auth` keyspace to all nodes on startup according to: It also per default use authorization, which means you need to explicitly give access to new users. Remember that the default user is `cassandra` with password `cassandra`. These are needed when connecting to the database: `cqlsh ip-of-a-node -u cassandra -p cassandra`.

Post-Install Notes:

ScyllaDB installed!

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