Get Your Apps to Market Faster.

Proven container orchestration with operations built-in, so you can focus on what really matters.

Docker in Production

Docker container orchestration proven in production at mission-critical datacenters.

App Services Built-In

Run containerized scalable apps and data services on shared infrastructure.


Confidently run thousands of containers in production, with high availability, security, monitoring, and debugging built in.

Ultimate Flexibility

Orchestrate Docker and non-containerized legacy workloads on the same production-grade platform.

Container Orchestration with Mesosphere DC/OS

Powering the full modern app with microservices and data services, all on a single elastic platform

Data Processing
Message Queue
DC/OS Container Orchestration
Stateless Microservices
Stateful Data Services
DC/OS Resource Management
The Modern Application

Composed of stateless processes & stateful backing services.

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS

The only supported platform that enables elastic orchestration of stateless microservices and stateful data services.

Production-Grade Container Orchestration

Containerized workloads are scheduled across available resources in your private datacenter or in the cloud.

Mesosphere DC/OS Container Orchestration Capabilities

Stateful & Stateless Workloads

Run stateful and stateless workloads on a single infrastructure with persistent local volumes and external persistent volumes for containers, and integrate with existing shared storage.

Service Discovery & Load Balancing

Ensure dynamic services can easily communicate across hosts and services are equally utilized for maximum load distribution with highly available L4 and L7 load balancing.

Monitoring & Health Checks

Automatically monitor and perform health checks of applications, and collect metrics from common services such as Graphite, DataDog and StatsD.

Authentication & Authorization

Ensure the right users access the right resources with fine-grained container level authorization controls, team and individual isolation, and integration with LDAP and Active Directory.

Highly Available Self-Healing Infrastructure

Automatically detect, and recover from, failure, for both your containers and the underlying infrastructure.

Choice of Container Formats

DC/OS supports Docker and traditional Linux (Mesos) containers, including Java & Go binaries, enabling you to flexibly migrate to microservices without rewriting all your applications in Docker containers.