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Mesosphere DC/OS is the best platform for container orchestration

Production Proven

Save operator time and get your mission critical applications to market faster.

Freedom of Choice

Provide app developers freedom to use their preferred container orchestration tools.

All workloads

Dramatically cut costs by running all your applications and data services on shared resources.

Any Infrastructure

Enable hybrid cloud with a unified operator and developer experience on bare-metal, private or public cloud.

Freedom of Choice for Container Orchestration

Mesosphere DC/OS allows application teams to choose the right container orchestration technology for their apps, and empowers operation teams with a simplified operations experience

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Mature and proven at scale, powering many of the world’s largest web apps; runs traditional non-containerized apps and Docker containers.

Learn more about Marathon

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Kubernetes (Beta)

Fast-moving orchestration engine for Docker containers, backed by Google, supported by a vibrant open source community.

Learn more about Kubernetes on DC/OS

"With the arrival of Kubernetes on DC/OS we are thrilled to offer our engineering teams the ability to run their preferred container orchestrator, we expect our engineering teams to demand DC/OS infrastructure on all of their projects going forward."

Chris Mays, principal engineer at HERE.

DC/OS Delivers Infrastructure Services to Simplify Container Operations

Automated Operations

Mesos application aware scheduling allows operators to easily deploy, upgrade and scale complex technologies with minimum effort.

Service Discovery & Load Balancing

Ensure dynamic applications are easily accessible from inside and outside the cluster with highly available internal and external load balancing and service discovery.

Monitoring & Health Checks

Automatically monitor and perform health checks of applications and collect metrics to integrate with your favorite monitoring tool.

Security & Compliance

Protect access to confidential information and maintain compliance with role-based access control, restricted run privileges for containers, encrypted control plane, secrets, and many other security features.

Resilient and Self-Healing Infrastructure

Maintain application uptime with a reliable production- proven runtime, automatic failure recovery and a highly available architecture.

Docker Container and Traditional Apps

DC/OS supports Docker and traditional non-containerized apps, such as Java & Go binaries, enabling you to flexibly migrate to microservices without packaging all your applications in Docker containers.