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React To Data In Real Time.

Run containers alongside data ingestion, databases and real-time analytics on the complete platform for modern applications.

Internet of Things

Harness the power of connected devices and sensors to create groundbreaking new products, disrupt existing business models, or optimize your supply chain.

Anomaly Detection

Detect in real-time problems such as financial fraud, IT security breaches, potential medical conditions, and other anomalies.

Predictive Analytics

Manage risk and capture new business opportunities with real-time analytics and probabilistic forecasting of customers, products and partners.

In-The-Moment Personalization

Deliver a unique experience in real-time that is relevant and engaging based on a deep understanding of the customer and current context.

Fast Data With Mesosphere DC/OS

Build, deploy and run a complete platform for modern applications.

  • Produce
  • Ingest
  • Analyze
  • Store
  • Act
  • Broad variety of connected sensors and apps produce constant streams of ubiquitous data — from cars, wearables, buildings to everything else.

  • Highly scalable publish-subscribe event bus ensures ubiquitous data is captured with no loss, supporting millions of events per second.

  • Data from event bus and persistent database is processed using batch, streaming, machine learning, and graph compilation to gain new insights.

  • Highly durable, available, and scalable database stores processed data from analysis and applications.

  • Present insights to a human, or trigger actions in connected devices or applications.

Database Analytics Reactive App Event Bus Client Sensors Devices

Mesosphere DC/OS Fast Data Capabilities

Simple Provisioning

Single command install services and groups of services to as many clusters as you want to enable operations agility.

High Availability

Intelligently replicate data across fault domains, automatically remediate failed servers, and keep data safe with persistent storage volumes.

Composable Architecture

With multiple-service instances, build on a loosely coupled architecture and adapt to new services as they emerge.

Continuous Operations

Add or remove nodes, update service configuration, and upgrade software during runtime for continuous operations.

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Simplify monitoring and integrate with your logging and metrics services.

Shared Infrastructure

All your workloads share a common pool of cluster resources, saving 60%+ on hardware or cloud costs.

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