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Deliver Software Lightning Fast.

Mesosphere DC/OS enables development teams to be more agile and release faster, with less time and effort.

Continuous Delivery

Easily deploy source code management, build pipelines and deployment tools of your choice for an elastic, highly available continuous delivery solution.

On-Demand Infrastructure

Easily spin up, and scale up or down services to flexibly manage your build, test, and staging environments.

Build your Own Pipeline

Easily deploy and operate CI/CD technologies from the DC/OS Universe, including Jenkins, Git, and JFrog Artifactory.

Fault Tolerant Dev Tooling

Ensure your mission-critical services and the infrastructure they run on are self-healing with monitoring and fault tolerance.

Developer Agility With Mesosphere DC/OS

Easily build a complete continuous delivery pipeline with the scalability and resilience of Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS.

Source Code Control

Integrate with major source code repository technologies, such as Git and automatically trigger CI/CD pipeline based on code check-in.

Automated Build and Test

Start automated build and test pipelines, including smoke, integration, security and performance tests. Proceed if successful; reject and report to developer on failure.

Artifact Repository

Update artifact repository with latest successful code artifacts or containers for record-keeping and accessibility.

Deploy to Staging & Production

Deploy applications to staging area and migrate to production using either a blue/green or canary process.

Empower Developers and Never Make Them Wait


Enable development teams to share resources through build-bursting and easily scale your CI/CD platform with simple datacenter-scale commands.

High Availability

Maximize developer productivity with parallel builds, high availability and automatic failover for jobs, agents and masters.

Single Platform

Reduce the risk of failed deployments with identical infrastructure across test, staging and production with strong isolation.

Run What You Want

Remove restrictions to development teams and leverage existing toolchains with the flexibility of running application code, containers, and distributed apps on one platform.

Easy Deployment & Operations

Easily provision and operate source code management, build pipelines and deployment tools with the DC/OS Universe and easy scalability and upgrades.

Security & Multi-Tenancy

Put operations teams at ease and share the same infrastructure across multiple teams with enterprise-grade security and multi-tenancy.

Build On Proven Open Source Technologies


Popular distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and non-linear workflows.


The industry standard continuous integration and continuous delivery automation software.

JFrog Artifactory

The leading artifact repository manager for all language artifacts and containers.

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