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Secure Kubernetes-as-a-Service, Anywhere

Deploy, scale, and upgrade pure Kubernetes and cloud native services for multiple teams, with one click.

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Transform Multiple Steps into a Click

Built-in Management for Kubernetes and All the Cloud Native Services you Need

Zero-Touch Self Healing

Respawns malfunctioning Kubernetes master, etcd, and worker nodes without a single command.

Simple Provisioning

Reduce the steps needed to deploy a highly available Kubernetes cluster to a single command line.

Push-button Scaling

Scale the cluster’s nodes―not just the hosted applications― to add more capacity for spikes and usage growth.

Enhanced Security

Limit vulnerability and ease compliance with encryption between each solution component and more.

Non-disruptive Upgrades

Upgrade the cluster soon after the release of newer versions of Kubernetes with a push of a button.

Choice of Ingress & CNI

Out-of-the-box networking or set up your own from a choice of CNI and ingress controllers in the DC/OS Service Catalog.

"With the arrival of Kubernetes on DC/OS we are thrilled to offer our engineering teams the ability to run their preferred container orchestrator, we expect our engineering teams to demand DC/OS infrastructure on all of their projects going forward."

Chris Mays, principal engineer at HERE.

One-click deployment of 100+ cloud native services

Bring the cloud native landscape to your Kubernetes cluster with a push of a button.

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Automate Your Entire Container Solution

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Learn more about Kubernetes on DC/OS

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