We're Mesosphere

We're building an operating system for the datacenter

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Our Mission

Most websites today are distributed systems, made up of app servers, databases, and caches. Managing distributed systems is tricky, and writing distributed systems is even trickier. Our mission is to make building and running these systems as easy as building or running an app on your smartphone.

Engineering Team

  • Connor

  • Niklas

  • Adam

  • Jeremy

  • Bernd

  • Thomas

  • Michael L

  • Felix

  • Michael Jin

  • Ben W

  • Tim

  • Sunil

  • Brenden

  • John

  • Jose

  • Aaron

  • Elizabeth

  • Isabel

  • ?

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Design Team

  • Anastasia

  • Jesse

  • John

  • Chad

  • ?

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Our Process

Founding Team

  • Tobi

  • Flo

  • Ben

Marketing, Biz Dev, Strategy, and Sales Team

  • Matt

  • Kiersten

  • Will

  • Steven

Operations Team

  • Erika

  • Kika

  • Christian

  • Ryan

  • RJ

  • Alyssa

  • ?

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We’re searching for smart, curious, and creative people to join our small team. In exchange, we’re offering a growing list of perks and benefits.

Here's who we're looking for

Mesosphere is an enterprise software company, but our founders come from consumer startups and value great design. Inspired by the user experience of sites like Twitter and Airbnb, we want to define a new era of enterprise software

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Mesosphere HQ

772 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107