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Mesosphere DC/OS Day 2 Operations

An 8 hour course for operators and administrators: those in charge of keeping DC/OS up, healthy, and running at its peak. We will cover the basics of troubleshooting, recovery, upgrades, scaling, expanding your cluster, application performance monitoring, and security. Hands-on labs round out this must have course for DC/OS admins.

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Mesosphere DC/OS Fundamentals

This 12 hour training is the foundational course of the Mesosphere curriculum. Learn the basics of DC/OS administration: installation and hardware/software requirements, deploying containers and pods, service discovery, load balancing, and logging. Students will also learn how to leverage DC/OS for active health monitoring, compliance needs, and troubleshooting. Hands-on labs will be used throughout to reinforce and expand on course concepts.

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Mesosphere DC/OS Using DC/OS APIs

This 8-hour course provides in-depth instruction in the individual DC/OS components' APIs. Students will learn about the use case for each API; how to collect data and what data is available for troubleshooting and monitoring. Additionally, students will gain hands-on experience with most of the DC/OS APIs and experience setting up monitoring software which they will import data from several of the APIs. This class is ideal for Operators and Developers who have prior experience with DC/OS.

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