Welcome to the Modern App

Today’s modern applications are distributed systems built from microservices in containers and stateful big data services.

Our Software is Defining the Future of Computing

Mesosphere delivers a datacenter-scale operating system so running distributed systems can be as simple as using a single computer.

Production & Operational Expertise Built-in

Mesosphere was founded by the people behind the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel and mission-critical webscale datacenters.

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS is the best and fastest way to run modern apps in your infrastructure.

One Platform, All Workloads

Run stateless and stateful workloads such as containers and big data, all on a single platform.

Distributed App Ecosystem

Easily deploy and operate complex datacenter services such as Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and more from our partner ecosystem.

Production Proven Open Core

Built on Apache Mesos and DC/OS, combining years of large-scale production experience and best practices.

Enterprise Capabilities

Advanced operational features such as monitoring, security, compliance, and support.