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Mesosphere named Gartner 2016 in Cloud Infrastructure


The easiest way to run Docker containers and legacy applications in production, accelerating your move to a microservices architecture.

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Easy Data

Effortlessly power IoT, predictive analytics, and personalization applications with an elastic, resilient data infrastructure.

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Elastic CI/CD

Never keep your developers waiting with an elastic continuous delivery environment, and ship code to production faster.

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Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS

The only production proven and fully supported platform that elastically runs containerized apps and data services at scale.

mesosphere enterprise dc/os
Advanced Operations
Adv. Network & Storage
Container Orchestrator
Management & Monitoring Tools
Apps Universe
Resource Manager

DC/OS aggregates the datacenter into a single pool of resources with the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel.

Container Orchestrator

Deploy Docker containers to production with zero downtime using Marathon, DC/OS’s native container orchestrator.

Enterprise Capabilities

Reduce operational complexity with advanced features such as security, compliance, and multi-tenancy.

Management & Monitoring Tools

Operate, monitor and troubleshoot your datacenter via an intuitive web dashboard and command line interface.

Apps Universe

Build apps quickly using a rich ecosystem of datacenter-scale services such as Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and Jenkins from the DC/OS partner ecosystem.

World-Class Support

Get 24/7 production support from Mesosphere & core Mesos committers.

Over 40 Services in the DC/OS Universe

Enterprise DC/OS enables single-command installation and easy operations of services like Spark, Cassandra, Jenkins, and Kafka. Once a service is installed, it can be run across the entire datacenter.

Works Where You Work

Install Enterprise DC/OS on any public cloud or in your own private datacenter—whether virtualized or on bare metal. Create a consistent user experience and move your workloads with ease.