A New Kind of Operating System

The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is a new kind of operating system that spans all of the servers in a physical or cloud-based datacenter, and runs on top of any Linux distribution.

Killer Apps

Deploy any Linux application with ease, or install datacenter services with one command, including Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and Kubernetes.

User Interface

Operators and developers love our Command Line Interface (CLI) and visual dashboard to control their datacenter like it was one big machine.

Programmable Datacenter

Develop new distributed applications with our Software Developers Kit (SDK) and API. Program against the datacenter like it was one big computer.

How does Mesosphere work?

The Mesosphere DCOS is a new kind of operating system that organizes all of your machines, VMs, and cloud instances into a single pool of intelligently and dynamically shared resources. It runs on top of and enhances any modern version of Linux.

The Mesosphere DCOS is highly-available and fault-tolerant, and runs in both private datacenters and on public clouds. It dramatically increases utilization, reduces operational complexity, and makes developers more productive.

The Mesosphere DCOS is built around Apache Mesos, a distributed systems kernel invented at UC Berkeley's AMPLab and used at large-scale in production at companies like Twitter, Netflix and Airbnb.

Your Apps

Deploy any Linux application on the Mesosphere DCOS with no code changes. Run your traditional applications, new applications and big data workloads with ease.

Datacenter Services

Services such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, YARN and Kubernetes are the killer apps of the DCOS and can be installed with a single command.

Mesosphere DCOS

The Mesosphere DCOS organizes the machines in your cluster. It provides an API for building and orchestrating distributed systems and a user interface to easily manage thousands of nodes.

Whatever You Want to do in Your Datacenter, We’ve Got You Covered.

Gone are the days where writing and deploying new applications means managing individual machines and static partitions. Pool your datacenter and cloud resources so all your apps run together on the same machines—reducing complexity and waste.

Scale Infinitely

Grow to tens of thousands of nodes effortlessly while dynamically allocating resources with ease.

Run Anywhere

Built on top of open source technology, Mesosphere lets you run in any cloud or datacenter, maintaining your flexibility.

Never Fail

Mesosphere keeps your apps running by rebalancing resources and restarting failed tasks automatically.

Optimize Resources

Mesosphere packs each server with multiple apps, increasing resource utilization.

Operate Automatically

Mesosphere brings high-degrees of automation to managing your cluster. Saving your operation time and money.

Develop Quickly

Developers can build and deploy faster with Mesosphere because they can think about code, not servers.

"Mesosphere brings Google-scale compute to everybody."

Abdur Chowdhury, Former Chief Scientist, Twitter

“Mesosphere is the inevitable destiny of cloud computing”

Brad Silverberg, Fuel Capital

"Mesosphere is a breakthrough for developers... The ability to manage even thousands of Droplets like a single computer is very exciting."

Ben Uretsky, CEO and Co-founder of DigitalOcean